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Put your best foot forward for your current and future customers, with a modern website that looks great, attracts new prospects, and turns your website visitors into new customers.

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The Small Business Assist You Needed

For many small businesses, the website starts off as a badge of honor, but ends up being a burden they’d soon forget.  We believe that small business owners should demand more from their website, so here we offer you a fresh coat of paint to impress your clients, with tools to attract more visitors and convert them into customers.

No Brainer Small Business Website Pricing

Local firms can charge tens of thousands of dollars for a responsive WordPress website.  The reality is you don’t get what you pay for.  Enjoy a professional website that gets you results, along with hosting, maintenance, and edits, at a rate you can easily budget for and live with.

Small Business Website

Design & Hosting Package

$99/page* $99/mo*

* 6-month minimum – month-to-month thereafter
** We reserve the right to upgrade hosts if it benefits the sit

More Details for Your New Website

$99 per page for development*

$99 per month for hosting/maintenance*

No Additional Cost for page edits

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Your Website as a True Business Tool

Optimized for Search

We utilize WordPress tools and our Digital Marketing expertise to make sure your website is technically optimized for search engines.  This process includes:
We can’t guarantee better search results!  There’s more to Search than just the technical performance of the site.  But, having the technical side in place gives you a head start!

Optimized for Mobile

Over 2/3 of internet traffic in the United States is directed to mobile phones.  And that number is growing!  Google started indexing websites using mobile first a couple of years ago.  Your site should not only scale, it should also adjust for how users interact with phones.

Optimized for Speed

Our websites load quickly, and in 2021, this is a must for search and conversions.  Optimizing for speed adds serious hours to our project, but it’s so worth it!  Benefits include:

Optimized for Conversions

Website visitors don’t have a lot of time to find what they’re looking for.  Your design can frustrate your visitors, or turn your visitors into customers.  And we’re here to help!

South Coast Inbound is your
Local Digital Marketing Expert

Located in Swansea, MA, we serve businesses around Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.  We focus on these areas because we can meet with our clients face to face, and we understand the region. You can start out with a $99 website and move on from there.

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